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Voice Acting


Voices Bess Marvin in HER Interactive Nancy Drew series. 9 published audiobooks so far...



25 Accents and Dialects including

UK: RP, Cockney, Scouse, Scottish, Northern Irish, Dublin 

Continental: German, French, Spanish, Slavic

Asian: Chinese, Japanese, Filipino

Americas: Boston, New England general, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, New Orleans, Southwest, Central Mid-West, North Mid-West, Pittsburgh, New York general, Rural general, American general, Latino, Yiddish

African: African Urban, Afrikaans

Audio Production


Recording, Editing, Mastering, Vocal FX


BA in Theatre Arts 1995

Pennsylvania State University

Meet Jennifer

I have always been a voracious reader. When my younger sister told me she didn’t read books I was mystified. How do you learn about the world without books?! How do you experience magical places, extremity, profound grief or joy, impossible love, the power of the quest, the path of the hero, the surprise of the antihero, the despair of failure? Well, by listening to audiobooks. Audiobooks, the power of accessibility. 

I grew up in Germany, on an Army Post that no longer exists, and went to a school that is now shuttered. I speak German, and do a wicked German accent. When you live in Europe, you learn a little of a lot of languages. Restaurant languages is what we called them. Restaurant French, Italian, Spanish. As a parrot I also learned those accents, as well as a variety of UK, middle eastern and African accents and dialects. Moving around the United States and loving the rich diversity of cultures, dialects and accents also, my repertoire of accents has now reached 25 give or take. 

Growing up on Army Posts, I am very familiar with military terminology and jargon, as well as aircraft, vehicles, weapons and weapon systems, logistics, and the JAG system. I swear if I hear one more person call a Chinook a Chin-ook instead of a Shinook…

I also worked in the Medical field for 10 years, most in Rheumatology, so I have a deep familiarity with medical, surgical and psychiatric terms and procedures. 

I thought I might be a lawyer someday and thus know a great deal about our courts, court terminology and procedure, as well as policing policies and procedures and the criminal and civil justice systems in general. 

You may be getting the idea that I know a lot about a lot of things. I do. I am a lifelong learner and autodidact. My interests are vast. World Cultures, Cultural Death Practices, Spycraft, Ancient History, Anthropology, Ancient Anthropology, Psychiatry, Psychology, Genetics, Epi-Genetics, Math, Physics, Cosmology, Computer Science, Feminism, Languages (I’m learning Mandarin right now) Art, Art History, Education, BLM, LGBTQIA+, American History, MMIW, True Crime, Literature, Theatre History, Acting Techniques… OK I’ll stop. 

I have a degree and training from Penn State University in Theatre Arts with a performance emphasis as well as a 20 year career in fringe theatre in Seattle. I was known as a fixer. Have an impossible role? Need a Narrator terrified of Narrating? A Radio Play actress that can switch from one voice to another in a dialogue between two characters? That was me. At the end of my career, I was generally cast as a strong female protagonist or a force of nature. 

About 15 years ago I discovered the YA genre and have been passionate about reading in that genre ever since. It is so incredibly rich and edgy. If I could, I would narrate YA Sci-Fi forever, with a dash of Sci-Fi/Fantasy Comedy. 

My voice is described as youthful, authentic, intelligent and honest with a bit of grit. My strength is character creation. Goblins, Dragons, Fairies, Robots, Aliens, AI in addition to all the majesty that is the Human race.

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