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Audio Books


Space Sucks!

By Christina Engela

Launch into space, the future and beyond! Enjoy a humorous look at life in space through the eyes of some colorful characters in this collection of unique sci-fi tales by Christina Engela, spanning everything from adventure to suspense to comedy and then back again



By Dave Dobson

Plunged into chaos High above Daros, sixteen-year-old Brecca Vereen prepares to unload a cargo of trade goods aboard her father's ship, the Envy's Price. Nellen Vereen shows her a mysterious artifact bound for a contact below, one that will earn them a lot of credits, and one that they definitely won't be declaring to customs.Materializing out of nowhere, alien invaders fire upon all ships, destroy the jump gate, and knock out communications. The Envy's Price is crippled, and as her father tries to guide it down from orbit, Brecca rescues the illicit artifact and jettisons in a life pod to an uncertain fate below.On the flagship of the invading fleet, Navigator Frim tries to persist within the cruel autocracy of the Zeelin Hegemony, under constant threat of death, but wishing for something better. And then she notices a whisper of radiation above Daros – the trail of a cloaked Vonar ship. What are they doing in the midst of all this? And will the captain kill her just for revealing this disagreeable news


The Goblin Queen

By Simon Carr

This queen was never a princess.

Rejected as a child, Rangalan found family, friends and a home with the goblin folk of the mountains. Now hunted by the man who first rejected her, Rangalan's father, King Longhorn, there's nothing Rangalan will not do to protect her friends. That all sounds very serious. It's not. It’s actually all rather silly, utter nonsense if you ask me. Listen to it if you must, but don’t say I did not warn you.



By Christina Engela

Survival. Desperation.

You may be wealthy, you may be influential, even popular... but just because you're successful at life doesn't mean you're necessarily successful at everything. Those things don't protect you from everything fate might have in store for you.


Good Things Always Happen In Springtime

By Joanne Fischer

Germany, 1938: two young people find each other and discover true love. They must keep this love a secret—from family, from friends, and from the Nazis. She lives in the Jewish Quarter and he lives in the city proper.
Charlotte, a young girl of 15, wanders into Georg’s cobbler shop to have some shoes repaired. Georg, enamored by Charlotte’s charm and grace, decides right then and there that he is going to marry her. Follow along as his pursuit of the young Charlotte results in the couple traveling a heart-stopping, winding route to stay one step ahead of the Gestapo in their escape from Nazi Germany to the United States, with a surprising twist along the way!


The Grocer's Bride

By Jaclyn Hardy

Patricia thought her travels would be over now that she has reached America, but the job she was promised went to another. With the shortage of jobs, she decides to continue west where she has a better chance for her own land. With her funds running out, she knows the only way to get there is to become a mail order bride


Virtually Gone

By Simon Carr

Since mankind first climbed down from the trees, we have looked out to the stars. We looked outward, wondering what secrets to our existence are out there.

Professor John Spanks is about to discover the biggest secret the universe has. John has his world turned upside down when he discovers that all this time, we were looking the wrong way!

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